Chating with users: chatbots and artificial intelligence 

Brands want to talk with their followers. They want to convert them into customers. In a world where we all spend the whole day writing and sending messages from our smartphones (Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, etc) the brands must apply in that exact place, that social space, their customer service or show their creativity. At BHDM we create smart bots that speak one by one with customers.
Try the first chatbot for Lindt worlwide:


How to get successful launch sites

Sony's new releases require high impact sites and connectivity for social networks. While every project such as The Blacklist, Agents of SHIELD, El Mariachi, etc. establishes its own characteristics, the common factor in all of them is a high usability to achieve more direct access to large audiencies and a greater conversion.


Social networks as a conversion tools

Creativity and contents. Agile answers for some of the main brands of mass consumption in Chile: Bilz and Pap, Kem Xtreme, Crush, Limón Soda, Kem Piña. Innovation to grow: tactical activities for larger communities. From weekly shows to the generation of social products, promos and contests.



Online / offline, integrated

We created the interactive experience of the Crush Power Music. We cross digital media to get users connected with the brand: screens with slogans, voting and live contests that are mixed with smartphones and social networks of those who attend live and online. Results: a 30% increase in the presence of the brand and the event in social networks (vs. previous years)..


Redefining a product

There are projects where our action exceeds a graphic or technological solution. This is the case of where our tasks began with the conceptualization of the site and its objectives. In several stages we rework with the Australis team from the format to the language used. Before such a project, it is necessary to cool the heart and ignite the brain.


How to keep your attention in front of the TV

TV channels seek to retain their users who flee to new platforms and social networks while broadcasting very expensive television shows. We created for Sony Company, for shows like Mexico's Next Top Model, XFactor and The Voice, their "second screen" mobile app that allows them to keep the audience trapped with extra content and rewards during their primetime. Results: a significant increase in the number of interactions with the channel and its social networks during primetime shows. 

Creating a product

We always get really involved in digital projects. And sometimes the project needs to be defined and created right from the beggining. We love that. We love great challenges. This is the case of Goonder. An app that works with an incredible algorithm to share great investment opportunities with everyone. An goonder needed to be defined as a product. We've done that. Months and months of hard work to create a really user-friendly app with a really easy and profitable use.